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Why is it called a "mating Nuc/box" if the Drones & Queens don't "mate" in it?

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3,151 views asked May 30, 2014 in Breeding by Mike's Beehives egg (430 points)

2 Answers

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I've heard it called the Nuc for Nucleus Box which is the start of a new hive.  I haven't heard it called the mating Nuk box.
answered Jun 18, 2014 by SharonKB1823 egg (480 points)
selected Apr 14, 2017 by mojo
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A mating "nuc or box" is a smaller space for nurse bees and older bees and a queen cell with comb and honey stores and pollen. So a box split in to 4 spaces each seperate and have a exit on each .. this is small so you can have 4 new queens ready to emerge them after they are ready go off and matehen return to the same small box.

They can not stay to long after as the queen will have not enough room to lay and ? Leave as in swam . But the queen after  mating and laying can be moved in to a nuc or full box with no queen and stores honey and bees or the mating nuc can be put I'm to a box and they will build all from there if conditions right... may require feeding .
answered Apr 13, 2017 by Lesxda egg (160 points)

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